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Multiple roll bending process of a Plate Bending Machine

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The process of Plate Bending Machine with finite element analysis software DEFORM-2D on the symmetrical three roll bending machine rolled wide plate was analyzed by finite element simulation, to understand the forming radius of curvature in bending process of sheet rolling under a given stress distribution of bending process and final sheet, and the test data of [2] final curvature the radius and the existing were compared with that of finite element simulation of symmetrical three roll rolling machine rolling plate is feasible, the actual production process in the factory and automatic control has important practical significance. The rolling process of a symmetrical three roll plate machine can be divided into two processes: lower pressure and roll bending.

Through the center roll under pressure process under the pressure of the Plate Bending Machine  material to produce elastic-plastic deformation; in the process of Plate Bending Machine bending roll roll on both sides is the driving roller, and roller drive through the sides between the side roller and the friction sheet to sheet feed. All the parts on the sheet will undergo the same three point bending process to get the desired radius of curvature. The center roll radius of the symmetrical three roll plate machine used in the simulation is 140mm, the radius of the side roll is 125mm, and the center distance of both sides rolls is 350mm. The material used is Q235. The geometric size of the material is 1175mm * 150mm * 5mm. The mechanical properties of the material are modeled by Pro/E and processed by the MECHANICA module before the finite element preprocessing. The generated files are imported into ANSYS for static analysis. Compared with the traditional mechanical method and the method of introducing the *.IGES file into the ANSYS analysis, the result ensures a certain accuracy. Compared with the cumbersome modeling, constraint and load adding of ANSYS, the work done by hand can be improved in Pro/E modeling. It is very convenient when judging motion and force trend.

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