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Nantong Chaoli Rolling Machine Co., Ltd. fully implement the ISO9001 quality system, strict implementation of the three inspections in production, namely raw material inspection, process inspection, factory inspection.In the process of production flow, self inspection, mutual inspection and special inspection are adopted to ensure the quality of products.Chaoli provide the products strictly according to user requirements and relevant national standards organization of production, ensure the products provided for new products by the use, and the use of raw materials, advanced technology and the most suitable materials, to ensure product quality, specifications and performance requirements consistent with the user. The goods are transported in the most suitable way, and the packages and marks are in line with the national standards and user requirements.

I. Quality policy and quality pledge

1, Quality policy: Customer first, quality first, strict process control, create first-class brand.

2, Quality objectives: Customer satisfaction rate of 100%, timely delivery rate of 100%, customer opinion 100% is processed and feedback.

II. Quality Control

1, Quality system: In order to affect the product technology, management and personnel and other factors to effectively control, in order to prevent and eliminate unqualified products, the company has a planned, systematic form of quality system documents, and strictly implement, to ensure that the quality assurance system continues to be effective.

2, Design control: To ensure that the product design and development plan, according to the implementation of design procedures to ensure that products comply with national standards and user requirements.

3, document and material control: In order to maintain the company's all forms and quality related documents and information complete, correct, unified and effective, to prevent the use of invalid or obsolete documents, the company's strict control of documents and information.

4, Procurement: In order to meet the company's final product quality requirements, the company's original auxiliary materials, external components, such as the procurement of strict control. The Supplier qualification and procurement procedures are strictly controlled.

5, product Identification: In order to prevent raw and auxiliary materials, external parts, semi-finished products and finished products in the production of mixed, the company specified the way to identify products. A unique identification of each or every batch of products when there is a traceability requirement.

6, Process Control: The company's production process affecting the quality of each process to effectively control the product to ensure that the final product meet the requirements.

7, Testing: In order to verify the production process of all kinds of compliance requirements, the provisions of the test and test requirements, and to make a good record.

A, incoming inspection and test

B. Process inspection and testing

C. Final inspection and testing

8, inspection, measurement and testing equipment control: In order to ensure the accuracy of inspection and measurement of the reliability of the measure to meet the requirements of production, the company provides for inspection, measurement and testing equipment in accordance with the provisions of the control, school inspection and maintenance.

9, Unqualified goods control: In order to prevent the release of substandard products, use and factory, the company's unqualified products management, isolation and treatment methods have been strict provisions.

10, corrective and preventive measures: in order to eliminate actual or potential factors of nonconformities, the company's corrective and preventive measures are strictly defined.

11, transportation, storage, packaging, protection and delivery: In order to ensure the quality of purchased goods and finished products, the company to carry, storage, packaging, protection and delivery of strict, systematic documents, and strict control.


ISO9001:2008 ISO9001:2008
Management System  CE Certificate
 Quality Certificate  International Standard
 Patent certificate  Patent certificate
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